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Watch Jacqui as she reads her book
‘The Rabbit Who Ate Too Many Carrots’

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We are shipping internationally! – 1st May, 2020

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Radio Interview – 16th March, 2020

What an honour to be interviewed by Kristina Herreen on Casey Radio 97.7 FM!

I shared about tips and knowledge from my experience and passion about rabbits as pets and how to look after them in the best possible way. You will also hear about my story of growing up in Hong Kong and how Australia has shaped my life.

If you’ve missed it, you can listen to it below!

Skip to 12:15 to the start of the interview.

Book Launch! – 24th August, 2019

Thank YOU! We have raised altogether $131.1 for Rabbit Runaway Orphanage from online book sales, the coin donation box and books sold at the book launch. From now on until 4th October, $1 each book sold will be donated to Big Ears Sanctuary! 🐰 


Updates! We are running a children’s program at Big Ears Animal Sanctuary in October! Come join us!

Click HERE to check out the event page.
Click HERE to sign up!

Friday 4 October 2019 at 10:30am
Doors open at 10.15am.
Location: Big Ears Sanctuary – Animal Education Centre
Address: 31 Norwich Drive, Longford TAS 7301
Contact person : Joelle Leung –