The Story

Bella (Left); Cookie (Right)


Without any knowledge around peP1240683t rabbits, I got my first rabbit, Bella, from an unregistered private breeder on Gumtree. Later on, I learnt about rabbit rescues and the horrible truths about unknowledgeable rabbit owners and breeders which cause the overflow of pet rabbits in Victoria. Thousands of pet rabbits are found as strays or surrendered to pounds in which many are euthanised due to the lack of space and for a variety of reasons.

Most of these tragedies can be prevented if only owners are educated about having rabbits as pets. With my background as an early childhood teacher, this led to my passion to educate children and families on the responsibility, care and needs of pet rabbits.

In 2018 – 2019, we ran rabbit educational incursions in Kindergartens and Early Learning Centres. We are humbled to have received many positive feedback.

However, the incursions have ceased in 2020 for a variety of reasons. We are working on a digital learning space with the aim to reach out to more kindergartens and schools as we strongly believe in what we do.

A year after Bella has been living with us, I adopted Cookie from a rabbit rescue so that Bella has a friend. They were hilarious to watch as they became partners in crime in the house! Cookie unfortunately passed away on 22nd August 2020. It is very sad for us but we are more than determined to continue to share our knowledge about responsible pet rabbit ownership.

Jacqueline Leung (Jacqui)

Founder and educator of Better Life for Bunnies