Can rabbits live outdoors?

It is recommended for rabbits to live indoors for a number of reasons:

  • Deadly viruses. Vaccination in Australia does not protect rabbits from myxomatosis – a virus to control the wild rabbits population. Myxomatosis is mainly spread to rabbits by mosquitoes and other insects. Unfortunately the mortality rates are between 96% – 100%.

  • Predators. Foxes, birds, dogs and other animals can cause heavy injuries and even death to rabbits, especially in unsecured outdoor living spaces.

  • Harsh weather conditions. Rabbits do not tolerate well in heat and cold nights.

  • Rabbits are escape artists. Rabbits can dig under the ground and escape through small spaces. Rabbits may look fluffy, but some can squeeze through a 6cm gap of space!

  • Rabbits make great indoor pets! Rabbits can be litter trained and kept clean. You will also have more opportunities to interact and play with your rabbits.

For ideas on how to set up an indoor living space for your rabbit, please click here.

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