Do I need to desex my rabbit?

Desexing (neutering) your rabbit is essential for many reasons.

  1. It reduces aggressive behaviour. An UNdesexed rabbit often demonstrates hormonal behaviours such as peeing around the house (which makes it difficult to litter train), biting, fighting with a bonded partner and other destructive behaviours.
  2. It removes the risk of unwanted babies. Rabbit rescues are already at full capacity. A common story is that ‘I was told they were both boys – turns out it’s a male and a female.’ or ‘I didn’t know rabbits can have babies so early and easily.’
  3. It eliminates the risk of rabbits developing life-threatening diseases like uterine cancer affecting 70% of females rabbits and testicular cancer in male rabbits.

If you adopt a rabbit from a rescue, they will come desexed. This will massively reduce the cost and hassle to organise a surgery to desex your rabbit.

It is important to choose a rabbit-savvy vet (one that deals with exotic animals and is experienced in rabbits). This is because the physiology of rabbits is vastly different from dogs and cats, making surgeries a lot risker and complicated.

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