Kinder Incursion

Better Life for Bunnies Kinder Incursion (3 – 5 Years Old)

We bring our superstar rabbit(s) depending on the day. Children will get to hear the story of where the rabbit came from – how it was rescued. Using visual images and props, we also teach children a proper rabbit’s diet, their habitat and how we can respectfully interact with them.

Children will observe how the behaviour and movement of the rabbit(s) as our presenter shares interesting rabbit facts and describes what they love to do! A Q&A session will discuss and answer any child’s burning questions about rabbits!

At the end, each child has the opportunity to pat and take a photo with the rabbit(s). A precious memory to be kept for a long time!

Each child takes home an information leaflet to engage in conversations with their families about what it takes to care for a pet rabbit and ways to help rabbits in animal rescues. A Teacher Resource Pack will also be given to the teacher on the day to extend on children’s learning. We can also chat with you and provide resources if you are considering a classroom pet as it is not a decision to take lightly!

The incursion caters for up to 30 children.
$120 for a 45-minute session