Our Presenters


Jacqui is the founder of Better Life for Bunnies. She is passionate in educating children and families about what it takes to be a responsible pet rabbit owner and therefore has also published her picture book ‘The Rabbit Who Ate Too Many Carrots‘ recently. Cookie (right) and Bella (left) are her superstar rabbits. Cookie escaped a fatal death at the pound whilst Bella was from a backyard breeder when Jacqui knew nothing about rabbits. Cookie is a cheeky escape artist and eats just about anything. Bella is an extroverted active girl who is always alert with her ears listening to what is around her.



Veronica is an avid advocate in giving pets a well-loved home. Feeling disheartened as Veronica began rescuing animals few years ago, she believes the importance to tackle the root problem and the urgency to educate others that all pets deserve a happy life, free from suffering. Veronica rescued her superstar rabbit Peter Brown in early 2019 from a horrible living condition. Although Peter presents a head-tilt from a previous ear infection, he is perfectly healthy and loves going outdoors for a run. He is the friendliest rabbit you would ever meet!