“We ran 3 seperate sessions for our Toddlers, 3-year kinder and 4-year kinder classes. During the sessions the children; patted the bunnies, drew pictures whilst studying them, sang songs, discussed habitats, characteristics and rabbit care.  All 3 groups were very attentive, engaged and enjoyed the session immensely. We have rebooked Jacqui for the same time next year.  5% of today’s costs go to Rabbit Rescue. What a fabulous and very important incursion!”
– Early Learning Centre in Croydon North, Victoria 03/04/2019

“What a great incursion- Jacqui was fantastic and the children were very engaged (and excited!!). We all learnt a lot about bunnies and afterwards there was a lot dramatic play happening around the room as the children consolidated what they learnt. Thank you Jacqui!”
– Fleur (Kindergarten Teacher) 30/10/2018

“Jacqueline has a wealth of knowledge on the proper care of bunnies. As someone looking to adopt a bunny for the first time I really appreciated being able to speak with Jacqueline to ask all my questions and meet Bella and Cookie. Afterwards I felt a lot more confident that adopting a bunny was the right decision. I would highly recommend Better Life for Bunnies if you are considering getting a rabbit or if you have any questions about their care.”
– Damian (Parent) 27/10/2018

“Fantastic incursion! The children had such as great time learning about bunnies and getting to pat them. Very informative with lots of visuals for the children. Great job Jacqui.”
– Shona (Kindergarten Teacher) 12/09/2018

“We recently had ‘better life for bunnies’ visit my centre. It was great! The children were highly engaged and walked away inspired and more knowledgeable. Thanks for a great incursion!”
– Alicia (Kindergarten Teacher and Educational Leader) 08/08/2018