Why Choose Us

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Hands-on and Educational

The incursion program is specifically tailored for young children. Learning content is interactive and engaging as children learn about the life of rabbits at the same time. Apart from ‘Aww… That’s cute!’, children develop increasing empathy, kindness, a sense of respect and love towards animals!

One of a Kind

Our program is unique because we guide children to deep dive into the world of rabbits while exploring how our actions carry consequences to the welfare of animals. We believe that children at a young age are already capable to develop a sense of responsibility towards our mother nature – plants and animals. We believe that children benefit from learning extensively about the characteristics, care and needs of a particular animal – rabbits, rather than just a petting zoo experience.

Teachers Save Time with our Resource Guide

Our program stands out because we offer resources and support to extend on children’s learning with our Teacher Resource Guide. Teachers can save time and head space by using our resources to meaningfully engage with children in exploring further on care and responsibility towards pet rabbits.

Supporting and Involving Families

We don’t want to hear more families surrendering their pet rabbit because ‘their child got bored’ or ‘the rabbit is aggressive’. Better Life for Bunnies encourages families to get in touch with us on any questions around having rabbits as pets, particularly with young children at home!

Supporting a Good Cause

The whole reason why this program exists! We believe through education, we can provide a better life for bunnies. We donate 5% of revenue to a chosen rabbit rescue in Victoria. This year we have chosen Rabbit Runaway Orphanage.


Why Bunnies?

  • Many young children are interested in rabbits from picture books and popular movies such as Peter Rabbit.
  • Bunnies are small and adorable – most children feel confident to interact with them, developing a positive relationship with animals.